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Let’s start off telling you what intervention is not. Intervention is not an attack. Intervention is not an ambush. Intervention is not a violation and it is not a betrayal. An intervention facilitated by a trained professional is a controlled crisis utilizing communication restructuring, empathy, unconditional positive regard, love and unity to assist the hurting person to receive the help they so desperately need. If you need help with a drug addiction or a family member who battles with

alcohol addiction

that is out of control, intervention could be the answer. Intervention Counselors are the solution.

If your loved one is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, and you feel an intervention is the only way to help them, Intervention Counselors will help you strategies and execute the intervention with you. The intervention is a very healthy process and we encourage you to explore addiction intervention as an excellent path to rehabilitation for the addict in your family or circle of friends.

The Disease Of Addiction

Many addicts and families have struggled through the years trying to learn how to become good moral upstanding people.

There is HOPE for an addict, There is HOPE for somebody that is in bondage to drug and alcohol......

Pastor Ron Fernandez
Whittier Apostolic Faith Center