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Rick Reyes, CADC II, ICADC

Rick is the founder of and has over 10 years of personal recovery  and professional substance abuse counseling experience.  Rick entered the addiction profession after his mother passes away from methamphetamine addiction in 1999.  Many interventionist have personal recovery experience but what makes the difference is passion as well as knowledge of counseling skills.  Rick has facilitated hundreds of professional interventions and does not offer special services for executives.  We treat every addict with the same amount of Love, Empathy and Unconditionally Positive Regard.  Rick has worked for both residential and out-patient treatment facilities in the state of California and is now dedicated his life full time to the process of intervention and addiction recovery services. Rick is responsible for Intervention Services in the Arizona area and oversees all Intervention and Recovery Services.


Adriana Reyes is the Co-founder of Intervention Counselorsscreen-shot-2011-11-28-at-80253-pm

Adriana has over 10 years of personal recovery experience along with the counseling skills in order needed to assist your loved one with the support they need in order to recover from addiction.  Our family was          destroyed by addiction, we have seen the people we love die from this disease.  We want to help your family before they have to experience the loss that we have.

Bilingual  Intervention Services and Life Coaching Available.



Louis Reyes, Intervention Coordinator/Recovery Escort

Louis brings to Intervention Counselors his business experience of transportation and Case Management has been instrumental in seeking treatment options for any economic concern.

Louis is responsible for Intervention Coordination in the Southern California area between San Diego and Los Angeles. He says that “as long as we can help one family we have done our job” We as a family are committed to helping your family recovery from this life threatening disease called ADDICTION. You have tried to help them on your own now let us try. Treatment is possible with proper planning and aftercare.