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Enough Already, book review

on Apr 14 in book_review

Enough Already

by Bob Tyler, B.A, CADC, II, ICADC

Enough Already

Enough Already! is an easy read that educates alcoholics and addicts on precisely what to do to get and stay sober. After learning about the disease of alcoholism/addiction and time-tested tools of recovery, the reader is introduced to relapse prevention strategies, the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step programs, and coping skills to deal with uncomfortable emotions that often lead to drug and alcohol use. This is followed by specific instructions on how to get started in recovery and a final inspiring chapter entitled “The Miracle.” Having years of sobriety and experience in the field of chemical dependency, Bob presents the information in this book drawing from personal and professional perspectives. Therefore, the reader learns the principles of sobriety and how to apply them in daily living through Bob’s candid self-disclosure – a unique quality of this book, perfect for anyone in recovery or a family that yould like to learn about the process of recovery.



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  • david plunb says:

    I was introduced to Enough Already in a class and was pleasantly surprised. It was an easy read, but full of very useful information. It takes you through every step of the recovery process from the perspective of a person who lived the experience. Mr. Tyler has done an excellent job incorporating his own story into a useful tool that can be used for both education and personal growth. I highly recommend reading it. You will not be dissappointed.

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