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What is Intervention?

Lets start off telling you what intervention is not. It is not an attack, it is not an ambush, it is not a violation and it is not a betrayal. An intervention facilitated by a trained professional is a controlled crisis utilizing communication restructuring, empathy, unconditional positive regard, love and unity to assist the hurting person to receive the help they so desperately need.

Will an intervention just make things worse?

Your loved ones life is already in jeopardy, alcoholism/drug addiction is a chronic, often times fatal disease that has no cure but treatment is available. Families have an understandable fear concerning intervention and taking action but the reality is an intervention is guaranteed to occur, the only other option you may have is to wait for Jails, Institutions or Death.

I have heard counselors say that we have to wait until they are “ready” or that they have to “hit bottom” in order to receive treatment?

Unfortunately there are many individuals and facilities that can be mistaken and misleading, no one is ever 100% sure when someone is “ready” and the truth is everyone has a different “bottom” You do not have to wait, because addiction is a family disease and it hurts the entire system. Stop waiting and take action today.

How do we know if we are ready for an intervention?

Because the disease of addiction is chronic, the days of the alcoholic/addict are numbered, If you are concerned about your loved one and are tired of waiting for a result that has not happened yet then that means that you are ready.

What happens if an intervention does not work?

The intervention is always successful even if you addicted loved one does not enter treatment immediately. During the intervention process your counselor/interventionist will educate the family on taking back control of their lives preparing for both positive and negative outcomes Unlike other intervention services we are not just concerned with the initial preparation and intervention but as well as case management and follow up to ensure quality of care of you addicted loved one and entire family.

What if he/she relapses after completing treatment?

The old saying “if you fail to plan you plan to fail” is what happens often in treatment. Family restoration counselors/interventionists will work collaboratively with treating agency to develop transitional and aftercare planning. Traditionally when a patient completes a short term residential program (28-30 days) and returns home without a formal out patient program the odds on maintaining long term sobriety are drastically diminished. Counselors/ interventionists develop a crisis plan with family to expedite recovery in case of relapse.

What if my loved one is not an alcoholic/addict but has another issue such as an Eating Disorder, Sex Addiction, Gambling Addiction or Self Harm Behaviors?

Intervention can be conducted when anyone’s life has been effected by a destructive behavior. Intervention Counselors will case manage and consult with professionals in regard to patient care and make appropriate accommodation to ensure recovery regardless of the addiction or behavior.